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42mts high ferris wheel installed at Zhumadian

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42mts high ferris wheel installed at Zhumadian City, Henan Province

Ferris wheel on the top of the building is a new concept for the tourism. The giant ferris wheel is already very high, This one is the 42m ferris wheel, adding the building height, it might be the most top construction in the city, and when players comes to play the ferris wheel, all the All the beautiful scenery of the city have comes to the players’ eyes. And this is the way, the players want to take adventure of the building roof ferris wheel. 42mts special shape cable ferris wheel This 42mts special shape cable ferris wheel amusement rides equipment was build at Zhumadian City, Henan Province. This giant ferris wheel is 42mt high and with 16 cabins. And each cabin can load 6 players, so total can load 96 players. Except the cable type structure, the support of this ferris wheel amusement equipment is also be the special shape rather than common traditional Triangular support.

The difficulty of the construction of the Ferris wheel on the roof is that the bearing capacity of the roof must be considered at the beginning of the architectural design, and the foundation of the Ferris wheel must be well planned. In this way, the construction will be smooth. Although the process is relatively complex, the benefits brought by this ferris wheel are very large.

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