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Flamingo-themed Ferris Wheel been installed at Kaili

Author:|Reading:|Time:2023-03-03 19:13

The giant ferris wheel ride been installed at Kaili is an 62mts high type and with traditional Triangular support and half cable type. And the middle Five-pointed star support make the ferris wheel special nice.

This super 62mt high ferris wheel is equipment with air condition, will bring more better ride experience to the passengers. And the double side RGB lights, will have different effect, attracts more attention at night. 62mt high ferris wheel The client choose the Chinese red, meaning the festive, happy, very welcomed in Chinese. And we can customize the color based on your request.

The large ferris wheel is the mark building in the city, many tourists will come here admiringly. It will drive economic development. And will push the project expand, add more amusement equipment in the future.

We Sanly are professional do the amusement ferris wheel and park design, will supply the different planning of the park ferris wheel based on your request. Contact with us and get the design belong to you.

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