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Project of 50m Ferris Wheel in Chinese Zhenghzou

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This is the 50m ferris wheel with full zipper type,the giant freeis wheel,which is located in Zhenghzou City, Henan province.It has 32 cabins ,each cabin could hold 4 people and total hold 128 person.

It's more outstanding in the city because of its height. Leave the passengers good impression among the numerous amusement equipment. Also it’s acceptable for adding the LED lights. The beautiful lights catch people's eyes especially at night. 50m ferris wheel
Besides the 50m ferris wheel, we also have more big park ferris wheel. Like 120m ferris wheel, 88m ferris wheel, 65m ferris wheel, 42m ferris wheel. If you want to mini ferris wheel, we also have. We are specializing in amusement equipment industry with high quality and good service .

Also we could offer the one step service for the design,production,and installation. Also we produce the pirate ship rides, bumper car series,roller coaster, carousel and so on.Also have our factory and guarantee the quality and efficiency.

Henan Sanly is specializing in ferris wheel industry with rich experience.Contact us if you want to know more.

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