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Project of 42m Ferris Wheel in Chinese JuanCheng

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This 42m customized Ferris Wheel is located at JuanCheng city Shandong Province, . This device is located within the scenic area, The whole park has over 10 amusement equipment like the self-control airplane, flying wheel, carousel, etc. And the 42m ferris wheel is the second phase of the project. The flow of people in the scenic area is very large, and the Ferris wheel ride and other amusement equipment will attract more tourists and bring more benefits to customers.

After customer confirmed the order, we provide the foundation draw to our customer, then you can prepare the foundation. After you receive it, our engineers will going to your local for install. 42m ferris wheel We are the professional Ferris Wheel manufacturer with an overseas operation center, we can provide the one-step service, also can provide the install.

Above 20 meters, the Ferris wheel moves very slowly and slowly stops to pick up passengers.The Ferris Wheel with the LED lights, and the cabins also can add the air conditioner.

The ferris wheel always been the landmark of the park, even of the city. We have 20m, 30m, 42m, 50m, 65m, 88m, different ferris wheel for you choose. if you want to add the ferris wheel rides in your park, or want to know the ferris wheel price for the amusement park, please feel free to contact with us now.

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