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Project of Bangladesh Ferris Wheel

Author:|Reading:|Time:2023-02-22 21:03

This 20mts high ferris wheel is build at Dhaka City, Bangladesh. Because most of the park facilities in Bangladesh are relatively backward and old, the establishment of the park not only brings a lot of joy to local children and families, but also meets the cultural and entertainment requirements of local residents.

At the same time, it has become the wind vane of local park construction. The park now already installed over 10 equipment. Including two family rides self control air plane and self control car rides, two luxury carousel amusement rides and one sighting trains rides, ground bumper car series, pirate ship rides, luxury shaking head octopus rides and luxury shaking head swing chair rides. Also this 20mts high ferris wheel. This carnival rides ferris wheel ride also have been the land mark traditional fairground rides theme park amusement giant ferris wheel. Among all the equipment, this ferris wheel amusement park rides have been the hottest ferris wheel for kids and adults to come to play. Now the park are also in the enlargement to add more equipment .

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