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Mexico Ferris wheel project

Author:|Reading:|Time:2023-02-22 18:43

Mexico Amusement park is an government park project that we have build for. The park is in the Chiwawa city and it is a public park project established by the government for orphans. The who park include over 10 amusement equipment and the ferris wheel is the second phase of the project. The first phase of the project, the government have indicate the equipment including bumper cars, disco tagada amusement rides, big swing chair amusement rides and some family rides including happy jumping kangaroo, coffee cup rides.

And the second phase is the this ferris wheel 42mts high. The installation works was been interrupt by the Covid-19. But together with the customers’ local engineers team, for the first time we make the installation instruction on line. And after the 3 months and 7 days working, we finally got the happy ending. And finished the installation works on this amusement games ferris wheel. 

Thrill big ferris wheel have always been the landmark of the park. And it is the hottest holiday game family rides.So if you want to know the Chinese ferris wheel rides prices or want to know the ferris wheel for amusement park, you can contact with us, and then let use offer you all the details. 

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