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Production of 42m Ferris Wheel

Author:|Reading:|Time:2023-11-10 14:36

42m Ferris Wheel production was finished recently.And it will be shipped to Indonesia.And also it’s the third ferris wheel in Indonesia.different with the first two,it’s the half cable model ferris wheel. The related production photos also with followings.The equipment will be fixed with iron wire to prevent damage during transportation;

Client come to visit our factory and experience.Then they choose to cooperate with us.Client runs an amusement park,and the third ferris wheel is ready for shipping now.Also waiting for the clients  further feedback

We produce the many different height of ferris wheels.such as the 20m.30m.42m .50m 66m and 88m ferris wheel.We are specializing in amusement equipment industry with 30 years.We have our own factory and produce it by our own.Also you could get more detail information from us by our website.

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