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50m ferris wheel installation in South Korea

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The 50m giant sightseeing ferris wheel is one of our best-selling products. It has been finished installation recently and the project site is in South Korea. The customer came to our factory in February 2023 to visit our workshop and after further communication of the production details, they signed the final contract with us and made the payment. 50m Ferris Wheel For the 50m ferris wheel, it has 32 cabins and a total of 128 seats. All the parts of the ferris wheel have been sent to local site on August and we have sent the engineer to the local site for installation guidance. 55m ferris wheel As an amusement outdoor giant ferris wheel. The height of 50m will attract a lot of tourists to experience and enjoy the scenery of the whole city. Except the 50m ferris wheel, we could manufacture other different kinds of ferris wheel including 20m ferris wheel, 30m ferris wheel, 42m ferris wheel, 55m ferris wheel, 65m ferris wheel and 88m high ferris wheel and also various special-shaped ferris wheels. ferris wheels We are the first manufacturer in Henan Province to obtain a number of qualifications for the manufacture, installation and transformation of large-scale amusement equipment In year 2010. It successfully passed the IS09001 quality system certification in 2002. For our project, we provide one stop service to help customer get the amusement park project finished as smoothly as possible. 42m ferris wheel We have also exported the different models of ferris wheels to different countries like Bangladesh, Algeria, Indonesia, Mexico. If you want to know more information about the ferris wheel, please contact us freely.

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