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Korean customer visit

Author:|Reading:|Time:2023-02-22 19:53

The Korean customer purchased the 50-meter 32-cabin special-shaped half-cable ferris wheel from our company. After understanding the comprehensive strength of our company through early communication, they came to our factory in February 2023 to visit the production workshop and ferris wheel case, and after further communication of the production details, they signed the final contract with us and made payment. 

We prepared detailed information about ferris wheel for our customers , after communication with the office, we took the customers to the ferris wheel production workshop to give a detailed explanation to the customers. 

The customers trusted our professionalism and production ,after referring to the case of our 50-meter ferris wheel, they praised our production and signed the final contract with us .

 We had a lot of communication about Ferris wheel prices , parameters and  configuration . As a professional ferris wheel manufacturer, we provide professional data support and production suggestions. If you want to know more information about the Ferris wheel, please feel free to contact us and welcome to visit the factory.

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